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Glass Water PipeSo you think you know everything about the best smoking pipes in Denver, Colorado? Here are five more awesome things you didn’t know about water pipes from the experts at Mile High.

  1. The first water pipes were crafted over 2,400 years ago. The word ‘bong’ is believed to come from the Thai word ‘baung’ that refers to a device used for smoking. Primitive pipes were usually made from bamboo or dried gourds while more intricate designs were crafted from precious metals and stones. Become a part of a time-honored social tradition with one of the best smoking pipes in Denver, Colorado. Vintage pipes are especially prized among collectors looking to show off that one-of-a-kind piece.
  2. Water pipes lower the temperature of smoke, making it easier to inhale. One of the worst things about traditional smoking is when the intense heat hits the back of your throat and burns your nasal passages. Some people just get used to it while others look for more pleasant means of delivery. Unlike traditional tobacco pipes, cigars, or cigarettes, the smoke you breathe in loses heat as it passes through the water in the bottom of the pipe.
  3. The water also filters out many harmful substances like tar and keeps them from entering your lungs. In some studies, scientists estimated that water pipes trap approximately 90% of the harmful toxins found in tobacco. Specifically, water helps to trap cytotoxins that can impair a user’s immune system.
  4. Also unlike traditional smoking, a water pipe allows you to customize your smoking experience. You can choose what substance you want to light up and there is no end to the various options on the market today. You can also customize your water by adding flavor drops. They have everything from candy cane to watermelon flavors drops that you can use to enhance your smoking experience.
  5. They are quick to setup and easy to use. Compared to other delivery devices on the market today, water pipes are by far the most user-friendly. They don’t require batteries, paper, or extra tubes. They also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. A custom pipe is the perfect, fully-functional conversation piece for your next get-together.

For more fun facts, demonstrations, and water pipes for sale in Denver, Colorado, talk to the experts at Mile High.


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