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Hands Framing a Custom HouseWhen it comes to finding the best smoking pipes in Boulder, Colorado, look no further than the water pipe. These glass pipes are perfect for smoking tobacco, shisha, and other substances. To use, you simply place your smoking product into the bowl. Then, using a lighter, smoke is pulled through the bowl into the stem and transported to the bottom of the pipe where water is sitting. Smoke bubbles then begin to form and fill the chamber with smoke, pressing up to the mouthpiece where you inhale it. These types of pipes are slowly becoming more popular than dry pipes, and we know why!

  • They are new-smoker friendly. Haven’t ever smoked before? Don’t worry! A water pipe is easier to use in a lot of ways. Because the pipe produces smoke and bubbles for inhaling, the smoke is smoother than a traditional cigarette. Plus, you have the option of taking shallower breaths, making it easy to slowly immerse yourself into smoking.
  • Smoother smoke. Many smokers complain that smoking irritates their throats. Because the water gets heated up in a water pipe, it kills any of the bacteria, making it a cleaner smoke. Plus, it’s smoother than traditional smoke. Because of the water infused with the smoke, it isn’t dry. In fact, it’s smooth. Plus, reduces the chance of respiratory illnesses like bronchitis.
  • It’s perfect for casual use. Water pipes filter out a large number of carcinogens that traditional pipes don’t. In many cases, a water pipe is safer than other smoking methods. Whether you smoke constantly or just socially, using a water pipe reduces the amount of harmful ingredients that enter your body. This lowers your chances of developing smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer.Hands Framing a Custom House
  • There will be fewer chemicals in your water. Plastic and aluminum pipes all release chemicals into your water when it’s heated up and cooled down. Using a glass water pipe is healthier as no chemicals are released into the water due to the high-quality glass used to make the pipe. While it’s still important to clean your water pipe after each use, it’s a much safer bet than a plastic or aluminum pipe. Cleaning your water ensures that you have clean and fresh water with every inhalation.

When choosing your next pipe, be sure to check out the water pipes for sale in Boulder, Colorado. These popular pipes will leave you wondering why you ever chose anything else in the past. Don’t inhale anything less than the smoothest smoke; the kind that you can only get from a water pipe.

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