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Man VapingThe vaping industry had grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, challenging traditional smoking methods. The unique delivery system of vaporizers and glass water pipes in Westminster, Colorado have completely changed the way people enjoy tobacco products, many believe for the better. Insiders and experts at Mile High share insights as to where the industry is headed and the challenges it may soon face.

How the Trend Started?

The modern vaporizer made its market appearance in 2004 and since then, sales have increased exponentially. Vaporizers, also known as e-cigarettes, became especially popular among smokers looking to quit their tobacco habits. Compared to nicotine patches and gums, vaping has helped more and more people break their nicotine addiction. In addition to helping cigarette smokers kick the habit, vaporizers provide users with a more pleasant smoking experience. Vaping liquids, or e-juices, come in a variety of flavors and concentrations. If you are tired of the taste (and aftertaste) of hot tar, try cotton candy, pancake, and watermelon. You will never go back to hot tar and ash. Whether you prefer a battery-powered vaporizer or a self-powered water pipe, water vapors are by far the safest method of delivery compared to cigarette smoking, another reason why the trend has skyrocketed.

The Legalize Movement

Vaporizers have seen another surge of interest in recent years as the Legalize Movement has gained considerable momentum. Several studies have shown that electronic vaporizers deliver medical cannabis at safer, more consistent levels compared to traditional methods. THC delivered in the form of water vapor does not expose the user to the harmful combustion particulates found in smoke. Medicinal vaping has helped countless people struggling with chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions. Insiders see this as a sign of relief from overpriced pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical giants.

FDA Threatens the Vaping Industry

In recent months, however, the vaping industry has been subject to considerable scrutiny from the Federal Drug Administration. In an attempt to cash in on the vaping trend, the FDA has considered new rules that will extend regulations to e-cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, and various paraphernalia. The vaping industry is a $3 billion industry and new regulations could cost shop owners and manufacturers millions in regulatory fees and profit losses.

Vaping AccessoriesThe proposal is retroactive which is bad news for manufacturers who will have to pull products off the shelves and get FDA approval before putting them back on the market. Insiders worry about the economic impact this might have on small businesses and manufacturers alike. Pro-vaping coalitions are expected to challenge the new regulations in Congress, however, and industry leaders are hopeful they will be able to reverse the proposal.

As vaping becomes more and more popular, insiders and experts are committed to bringing the best products to their customers at the same time spreading awareness of the advantages of vaping. For product demonstrations and information on the best tobacco pipes in Westminster, Colorado, stop by your local Mile High smoke shop.

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