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Have you ever wondered why cigarettes don’t produce as much smoke as a hookah? The answer is more scientific than you would think! While they are two different ways of smoking, each has a different way of making smoke. Cigarettes use a variety of different substances to produce the iconic grey smoke while a hookah produces smoke from only a few key things. Namely, the ingredients in the shisha, the way that it’s smoked, and the tools used in the hookah process.

The Shisha

There is not as much to shisha as one would think. Traditionally, there is the tobacco product, molasses, the flavor that makes the shisha taste good, and then a little thing called glycerin. Glycerin is a chemical compound used in things from glazes to cakes, lotions, fruit preservations, and of course, shisha. It’s a compound similar to alcohol, but has a much different use. When the glycerin heats up, it gives off a heavy amount of water vapor. So much so, that even a little bit can cause a huge result. Sucking in the water vapor from the heated shisha encourages the glycerin to emit as much as it can, so you get giant white clouds appearing that taste great.

The Way It’s Smoked

If you are interested in getting the best and biggest hookah clouds the right way, then hookah pipes for sale in Westminster, Colorado are the only way to go. The pipe, coals, and way that the shisha is packed are all important when trying to get the biggest, best tasting clouds. Many shisha boxes will have instructions on the optimal way to pack it. A quality hose with no holes or rips will ensure that seepage doesn’t affect the cloud’s volume. And a pipe paired with the right kind of shisha will also be a big factor in producing a giant cloud to impress you and your friends.

With practice and a little experimentation, getting a big cloud won’t take any time at all. Learning smoke tricks is even easier with the more smoke you produce. “The more smoke, the better” is a good rule of thumb to go by. A big part of the fun when smoking is discovering what shisha pairs well with, and with what equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or inquire about what flavors are our favorite.

The Tools

With so many pipes, hoses, flavors, and lamps to buy, how do you know where to start? Grab a couple of your buddies and just start smoking. Finding great flavors in Westminster is the least of your problems. Water tobacco pipes, hookah pipes, traditional, basic, and starter hoses are what we do best. One of the best parts of this hobby are collecting new hoses, lamps, and trying different combinations of flavors. We have a large variety of shisha with an even larger selection of the best hookah tobacco pipes in Colorado. Looking for the best and biggest clouds with great tasting flavors at great prices is what we specialize in.

Come on in and join us for the best summer yet. Now that you know the ins and outs of getting the best and biggest clouds, you will surely dazzle your friends with a memorable night of smoking tobacco hookah pipes. Getting started has never been easier or more affordable!

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