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If you’re a beginner to hookah, you’re going to want to spend time finding the best hookah among the options for best tobacco pipes in Denver, Colorado, and get the type of shisha and coals that work for your set up. Coals are one of the most under-thought component of hookah set ups. For one thing, they provide the power for the whole hookah to function. With a sputtering coal, you won’t get a consistently good plume of smoke. An evenly-heated coal can make your whole smoking experience smooth. Here are some of the types you can choose from.

Types of Coals

Coals are made out of organic material that have been burned down to black, flammable, dense material. Many of the hookah coals on the market today are made out of burnt-down coconut shells. However, there are different types of coals that burn for longer or shorter periods of time and have different qualities. Quick-light coals are the most common types of coals for beginners to use. These catch fire very quickly and can light with a torch, stove top, or other heat source. However, some people don’t like the way they smell and you need to make sure that a thin cover of ash is across the entire coal before smoking with them.

The second main type of coals are natural coals. These are harder to light and require exposure to an intense heat source for a longer period of time. After they’ve been heated, you can use them to smoke hookah for hours. If you want a quick hookah experience, quick-light varieties don’t last long and finish quickly. But if you want to hookah with a big group, natural coals will serve a large number of people without going out.

What Are Your Priorities?

When you are putting your hookah set up together, finding shisha, coals, and hookah pipes for sale in Denver, Colorado, you’ll want to think about how you’re going to be smoking hookah. Will you be in a group of people? Do you want to smoke every week or day, or only once in a while? The amount of time you devote to the hobby will help determine how much you want to spend and how seriously to pursue it. If you’re looking to have the ultimate experience, you might want natural coals, as they have the best taste. For short periods of doing hookah with a small group, it might be worth it to use quick-light coals that are more convenient.

In either case, check out the different brands of coals and find the one that you think works best for the specific pipe you get and your schedule. Trial and error are inevitable, so take your time and have patience, and you’ll have the greatest hookah set up in no time.

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