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Mile high Pipe and Tobacco offers detoxify drinks

Ok – so you’ve been enjoying your new glass pipe or water pipe from Mile High Pipe and Tobacco, but you got a new job, or your current place randomly drug tests. Mile high Pipe and Tobacco offers detoxify drinks. THC is what stores in your fat cells and shows up when you’re required to take a drug test. Since the THC sits in your fat cells, it’s difficult to flush out unless you have a high quality detox drink – or at least cover up the THC in your cells. The key to being able to pass your test is to follow the instructions! If you head into Mile High Pipe and Tobacco’s four metro Denver area locations, the staff is well versed on what will work for your situation and will hook you up with the highest quality detox drinks on the market.

Glass pipes give you the cleanest smoking experience

No matter what you’re looking for, Mile High Pipe and Tobacco has been working with different glass blowers from around the country for decades and can help you pick out the perfect glass for your lifestyle, whether it is a glass pipe or a water pipe, maybe both! Mile High Pipe and Tobacco is known for having the finest glass in the mile high, and the reason behind using glass pipes is that it gives you the cleanest smoking experience. Other materials can change the flavor, and with advancements in the industry, why would you want to ruin it with changing the flavor?!

Glass pipes are NOT all created equally

Glass pipes are NOT all created equally. The glass pipe industry is continuously evolving, from 3d printing to new techniques in glass blowing. While there may be a pipe you think is ‘pretty’ or ‘fun’ it’s important to pay attention to the functionality of a pipe depending on the experience you’re looking for, unless you’re just looking for decoration. If you’re on the go, you may be looking for a simple hand pipe, which is essentially just a glass tube. If you’re at home, you may want a bubbler with double or triple chambers that can enhance and cool off the smoke.

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