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At Mile High Pipe & Tobacco, we want our customers to have the best smoking experience possible. We work with artisans and glassblowers from around the country to create the best glass pipes and other smoking equipment and paraphernalia, available at our locations in Denver, Boulder, Westminster, and Highland Ranch.

Glass pipes create one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences. They come in plenty of shapes, sizes, and types so you can choose what you like best.

Visit us today to look at our selection of pipes and smoking equipment.

Enjoy Smooth Texture and Flavor

Glass is the best material for a pipe because it doesn’t affect the flavor of the smoke in any way. With a glass pipe, you get the cleanest smoking experience and the most natural flavors. Glass pipes come in all shapes and sizes and are portable.

A glass water pipe takes your enjoyment a step further by creating smooth, vaporous smoke that won’t leave your throat dry and scratchy. Glass pipes are perfect for newbies, too, because you can enjoy smoke in shallower breaths.

Glass pipes are also incredibly easy to clean because they don’t absorb any smoke particles, as well as the soap or water you use to clean the pipe.

Show Off Your Collection

The glass pipe industry is constantly evolving. 3D printing and new glassblowing techniques allow people to create truly beautiful and unique pipes of all shapes and sizes. So whether you want a new pipe for your personal use or a beautiful work of art to add to your collection, we have what you’re after at Mile High Pipe & Tobacco.

You can call us at any of the numbers above, or stop by to see the smoking equipment we have available. Make sure to stop by often to see our new merchandise and for discounts on things like smoking paraphernalia and local concert tickets.

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